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Disciplined, Focused Kids Programs

We offer Preskillz classes for 4-5 year olds, Basic taekwondo classes for 6+, and 2 Age Specific Kids Jiu Jitsu Classes.


Fun and Challenging Adult Programs

Adults enjoy getting a great workout and being pushed. We have a taekwondo class option, Self Defense classes, women’s fit

Fitness, Flexibility, and Friends

We are a family here. We push each other, we get results, and we are driven to help each other reach our goals… together.

Community Focused Leadership Training

Leadership Academy was founded on the idea of teaching leadership using martial arts as the vehicle. Hundreds of projects later, we have reached incredible milestones with this program.

My son (age 6) is currently attending the Leadership Academy. Mr. Engels and his lovely wife have created a tremendous one of a kind environment that is not only instilling Martial Arts practices and knowledge, but also simultaneously shaping attitudes that will act as a blueprint through life that will not only lead to personal success but the success of those around them. I encourage any and all who are even the least bit curious to come in and sit as an observer through one of the many classes being taught during the week. You will a find a fun and friendly environment, that is inviting to ALL. Hope to see you there!

Clint and Tracy Bakken


Wonderful, family friendly, values based, community focused organization. I highly recommend Leadership Academy for young and old alike!

Krista and Greg Johnson

In addition to the physical training and self defense, At 15, my son has now built a project portfolio of 13 projects at Leadership Academy. He has learned about the world and his potential to lead through his leadership projects.”

Judy Carlson

Parent of a Remarkable Young Leader

To me it’s all about prioritizing. And this is what we budget for. Period. We can do without other material items but to be able to learn this art is “Priceless”. Period. Thank you Gary Engels and Nikki Engels 

Susan and John Louise

“I earned my Jr. Black Belt after years of hard work. One of my favorite memories from the leadership training was when over 100 people attended the Family Fun Night. We raised 50,907 pennies for the collection. I realized that my actions really do make a difference! We had so much fun and I can’t wait for the next project!”

Gabe Rein

Jr. Black Belt

“Leadership Academy helped me find my passion for helping young girls realize how beautiful they are without makeup. I researched, designed, and gave an awareness presentation to area girls. We put up a website, made videos, and connected with lots of people in the process. I learned a lot!”

Jenna Brill

1st Degree Black Belt

I was lucky enough to be in Kayla and Nikkis’ classes this week and they are both equally phenomenal! I signed up right away and cant wait to get my weekly fix! Very affordable & lots of options to fit schedules!

Melissa Hrdlicka

Fitness Member

I have been attending the women’s Leadership Fitness classes for a little over 2 years now. I could barely do 10 sit ups when I started, after having had 4 surgeries on my abdomen over the years. I can now do so much more than that! The support the women in the classes give each other in our common struggle to get fit and be better is very uplifting. I am a much stronger, fitter and healthier person than I was 2 years ago and I have the Leadership Academy to thank for pushing me to my best potential. The classes are fun, the instructors are very knowledgeable and really and truly care about each and every one of us and helping us to reach our goals.

Katy Costa

Fitness Member

❝Hi there… so I have to say I have never really seen any other black belt testing besides ours. I witnessed one recently. All I have to say is wow…what you have students go through to EARN our belts is amazing in comparison to what I witnessed. It was only 1.5 hours. The board breaks they did are the breaks you make kids do to EARN a green belt. Side kick, palm strike, axe kick. They’ve been testing over the course of 8 weeks during class and that was their test. Yesterday was an exhibition. I know that they’re different disciplines, but I couldn’t believe what I was seeing as a test for a black belt. No matter how hard that test was, I can feel confident that we were pushed and made to persevere. There was none of that…no complete exhaustion and still having to spar. Anyway I just wanted to say how proud I am of what you do and push your students to do…and make us earn our belt rather than just to push through to make room for more students. That may not be what they did, but green belts at Leadership academy could take on black belts at this dojo and show them up. Ok back to work! Have a great day! I just wanted to share.❞


“Can not say enough about the Leadership Academy, I have know the owner for almost 30 years, along with his family he has built a true staple to the community that has done nothing but grow, and been an improvement to the northern wisconsin region! I have only recently started classes there and am excited to continue. It will be fun to see the Academy grow in the future, and I am excited tone a part of it. 

Tony D.

“Both Mr and Mrs Engels do such a wonderful job making ALL the students feel empowered! Annabella did not graduate (this month) and went to show her support for her fellow students (I was unsure on how she would handle not graduating) she was so happy for everyone and her confidence has improved so much from when she first started. Thank you for all you both do and what an AMAZING group of students! I love watching them all work hard and have fun doing it 😊

Angela Mae Geiger