“We have the best time, Sweat hard, and enjoy our Workouts!!”

Kickstart Circuit

  • Mon at 5:30 p.m.
  • Wed and Fri at 8:30 a.m. 

Taught by: Kayla Chapman

Start your day with a 45 minute energizing full body circuit workout and improve your muscle strength and endurance.  Workouts will vary from class to class.  Some workouts may include a mix of dumbbell/kettlebell exercises, stability ball exercises, bodyweight exercises and cardio exercises.  Each workout can be tailored to your fitness level and modified as you continue to improve.  Come join the fun with Kayla and get a total body workout!

  • CARDIO 60%
  • STRENGTH 90%
  • TONING 90%


  • Tuesday and Thursday at 6:15 p.m.

Taught by: Nikki Engels

Join Nikki in this fun, engaging kickboxing class designed for women to let off some steam.  If you love the idea of putting on some gloves and throwing a few punches and kicks while getting a great workout then this is the class for you.  Each class with push you through cardio bursts; as well as, toning all muscles groups through a variety of exercises using our wavemaster bags.

  • CARDIO 90%
  • STRENGTH 60%
  • TONING 90%

Butts and Gutts

  • Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30 p.m.

Taught by: Nikki Engels

A 45 minute class that is designed to push you and excite you about working out and staying healthy.  Each class is tailored to boost your cardio through multiple fun exercises while toning up your butt and strengthening your tummy.  Nikki gears her teachings to make a large class feel like it is personalized just for you.  She will motivate you and push you to a level that you can’t reach on your own.  All physical levels are welcome to join this class.

  • CARDIO 70%
  • STRENGTH 70%
  • TONING 90%
  • Dificulty Level 70%

Trim and Tone

  • Wednesday’s at 5:30 & 6:15 p.m. and Saturday at 9:00 am.  

Taught by: Lea Schmidt

Trim and Tone is a class specifically designed for women who would like to incorporate toning into their workout routine. This is a great class to start if you feel intimidated to join a group setting.  Lea’s class is specialized in low-impact workouts while engaging the muscles through a pilates influence.  If you’re interested in working out but shy away from jumping and heavy cardio burst this is the class for you.

  • CARDIO 60%
  • STRENGTH 60%
  • TONING 60%

Kayla Chapman

KICKSTART CIRCUIT: Kayla’s journey in fitness began through merely working out to lose weight.  As she watched her body begin to transform and take shape, she developed a passion to take fitness to another level.  Kayla’s internal motivation shines outward to inspire, motivate, and encourage others.  She loves to watch people transform their bodies and improve their health.  Kayla also loves running outdoors year-round and in races.  She has completed four Ragnar Relay races, three half marathons, multiple 5k’s and 10k’s, and a Spartan Race.

Along with her training for races she is also currently teaching the Kickstart Circuit women’s fitness class held on Monday and Wednesday nights, plus Wednesday and Friday mornings at 8:30 a.m.  She also has been training in our Royce Gracie Jiu jitsu classes for the last year and was recently rewarded with her Blue Belt directly from Royce Gracie on September 15th, 2016.

Nikki Engels

BUTTS AND GUTTS & KICKBOXING: Nikki is co-owner of Leadership Academy and currently holds a 1st Dan Black Black in Tae Kwon Do and a Blue Belt in Royce Gracie Jiu Jitsu.  She also is the founder of the Women’s Fitness Programs at Leadership Academy. She helps motivate and teaches women how to have fun with their workouts while making sure that correct technique is used while performing the exercise. Nikki holds a Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Management as well as degrees in Human Resources and Psychology from the University of Minnesota, Duluth.  Her love for fitness started when she battled weight gain throughout high school and educated herself through various programs throughout college.  It wasn’t until she joined Leadership Academy that her knowledge and skills in weight loss would be put to use.  She has motivated and taught multiple women how to lose weight through their workouts and how to stick to a lifestyle change.  She teaches a women’s fitness class called Butts and Gutts and a Kickboxing class to help women become excited about their workouts.  Currently, she has also been training in our Royce Gracie Jiu Jitsu program and was awarded her blue belt on 9/7/16 directly from Royce Gracie.  Nikki also will be seen working on the mats and around the school to keep things running smoothly throughout all the programs offered.  She is dedicated to not only teaching women to reach their goals but also helping young kids see their potential in becoming a good citizen.

Lea Schmidt

TRIM AND TONE: Lea’s fitness journey began when she walked into Leadership Academy to workout in Nikki’s Butts and Gutts class about 8 years ago.  Lea strived over the years to work hard in her classes and saw great results.  In 2013 Lea started her first class to help women start a workout routine just like she had years before.  She wanted to focus on helping women who wanted to workout but weren’t sure where to start. Recently, Lea took a break from classes to welcome her wonderful, new baby girl into the world; as well as, raising her other adorable children.  She is back to teaching and is really excited about building her class to help other mom’s who also are jumping back into a workout routine.  Lea also holds a 2 tip white belt in our Royce Gracie Jiu Jitsu program.


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