Our TaeKwonDo Curriculum

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The art of Taekwondo is a beautiful blend of kicking techniques, strong stances, and strategic strategy in scoring points and breaking through your opponents defenses. We start with Basic Class and build a foundation. Intermediate class curriculum adds higher level kicks, forms, and sparring. Advanced curriculum is a complete picture of TKD as you approach your Black Belt Test and beyond. 

Self Defense

All TKD students are involved in Royce Gracie Jiu Jitsu Self Defense. The basics of RGJJ are covered in our TKD classes as ALL students at Leadership Academy are taught how to properly defend themselves against many different attacks.  Keeping students safe and building confidence in the process is extremely important. 


The art of Taekwondo does not allow punching the head or kicking to the legs. In this respect, it allows the art of TKD to be a safe and effective sport. At Leadership Academy, we believe students should also get an all around experience and so we involve basic boxing and striking techniques into our curriculum. Students will learn and develop basic boxing combos and defenses.  

Philosophy and Philanthropy

The art of TKD has a philosophy and code of conduct that all students are expected to adhere too. We talk about these things at the end of classes. Also, our Honors Curriculum gives students the ability to step up their training by adding additional practice and training at home. When students turn in their application to advance in rank along with honors curriculum completed, students can graduate with Honors. 

Testing and Graduation Process

Every other month, we meet to complete a testing process and graduation ceremony. The last thursday in February, April, June, August, October, and December is Graduation Night to celebrate students advancing in rank. The monday before is our TESTING night for Green Belts and higher. There are no regular classes on these nights. 

All The Right Things

We have spent over a decade getting this curriculum just right. After hundreds and children and adults going thorugh it and getting results, I’m sure you’ll find success with it too. 

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